About DBFF


Under the guidance of Boton Group's development strategy, Dongguan Boton Flavors & Fragrances Co. Ltd.(here in after referred to as “DBFF”) inherits the Flavor and Fragrance assetss of Shenzhen Boton (Founded in 1991, Shenzhen Boton Flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd. engages in the field of flavors, tobacco flavors, fragrances and spice). DBFF founded in 2014, and has developed a full system of R&D, production and marketing for our product line of flavor, fragrances and natural extracts. DBFF works with the top R&D team in the domestic flavor and fragrances industry, and DBFF also cooperates with many other universities and institutions between production, education and scientific research. It has been recognized as National Hi-tech Enterprises

Michael Wang